Nearby Offer

In Ičići, you have numerous diverse opportunities to explore and enjoy the local offerings.

Dog Beach towards Opatija

In Ičići, dog lovers can enjoy a special dog beach facing Opatija. Here, your four-legged friends can run freely, jump into the sea, and enjoy a carefree beach experience with you.

Dog Beach towards Lovran:

For those heading towards Lovran, Ičići also offers a dog beach in that direction. This is an ideal place to spend time with your dog, allowing them to play on the shore and cool off in the sea while you both enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

4 Beach Bars:

You have access to four beach bars. Whether you’re craving a refreshing drink, tasty cocktails, or simply want to relax and enjoy the sea view, these bars provide the perfect place to unwind and savor the summer days.

2 Pizza Restaurants:

If you’re a pizza enthusiast, Ičići has two fantastic pizza restaurants offering delicious and authentic pizzas. Here, you can enjoy fresh ingredients, crispy crusts, and rich flavors, providing you with a true gastronomic experience.

2 Seafood Restaurants:

For seafood lovers, Ičići offers an excellent seafood restaurant. Here, you can taste freshly caught fish and other marine specialties prepared in a traditional way. Enjoy the taste of the sea and discover the richness of Mediterranean cuisine.

2 Čevapčiči Restaurants:

If you appreciate traditional flavors, visit a restaurant in Ičići known for its perfectly prepared čevapčiči. Here, you can savor juicy meat delicacies served with a side of your choice and experience a true gastronomic delight.

ACI Marina Ičići:

For sailors, ACI Marina Ičići provides a safe and comfortable berth for your boats. Here, you can explore nearby islands and shores, discovering hidden coves and the beauty of the Adriatic Sea.

Lungo Mare Promenade:

This enchanting promenade offers an incredible view of the Adriatic Sea coastline, stretching from Lovran to Volosko. Strolling along Lungo Mare gives you the opportunity to explore coastal beauty, enjoy the fresh sea air, and admire spectacular panoramic landscapes. This promenade is an ideal place to relax, walk, and revel in the incredible beauty of the surrounding nature.

Učka 1400m:

Near Ičići, there is the Učka mountain, rising high to 1400 meters. This mountain offers extraordinary opportunities for hiking, exploring untouched nature, and enjoying beautiful panoramic views of the nearby islands and coastline. Discover challenging trails marked by natural beauty and explore the mountain’s summit, which offers incredible vistas and a sense of connection with nature.